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Play therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses play to communicate with and support children, to prevent or resolve historical and/or present challenges. It can aid them and their families towards better social integration, growth and development, emotional balance and trauma resolution.


As children don’t have the language to talk about their problems, Play Therapy enables them to communicate in the way that they are most comfortable, through play.  Children taking part in Play Therapy ‘play out’ their difficulties and just as adults ‘talk out’ their troubles .


Making use of the various media used in Play Therapy (play-houses, miniature animals, puppets, sand-tray, clay and art work) children learn to manage conflicts and relationships in more appropriate ways. In the therapeutic relationship with a caring practitioner, children find a safe and confidential space to express their feelings, to make sense of their world and resolve any difficult or painful situations they may be experiencing.


Play Therapy can be effective in helping children who are experiencing emotional/behavioural difficulties and can include the following:

  • Anxiety disorders such as Separation Anxiety, General Anxiety or Social Anxiety 

  • Loss or bereavement

  • Family Issues such as parental separation and blended families

  • Being bullied or has become a bully

  • Aggression or acting out

  • Deteriorating school performance 

  • Withdrawal from friends and family



In addition to working with the young person, Elaine offers support to parents during intake and review meetings. These meetings offer parents the opportunity to share observations, ask questions and to work together with the therapist in determining how best to help the child work through challenges. 

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